Six Basic Questions to Ask Any Plumber or Plumbing Company Before Hiring Them.


If you are like the majority of homeowners, chances are, you may not know much about plumbing, let alone, how to go about finding a qualified plumber. Locating a reputable and trustworthy plumber can seem like a daunting task. Not sure where to turn, some homeowners will either thumb through the yellow pages or search online. However, just because a plumber is listed in the yellow pages or online doesn’t automatically ensure that he will be qualified to fix your plumbing repairs. Always ask the following questions of any potential plumber.


1-Are you insured?


The only acceptable answer to this question is yes. The potential plumber needs to have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance of at least $500,000. He should also be able to provide you with a copy of his insurance policy. This is mandatory and cannot be emphasized enough. If damage occurs to your home while having your plumbing repaired, you want to make sure you will not be footing the bill for this.


2- Are you licensed?


Many states require that a plumber be licensed. If this is true in your home state, call the appropriate agency for your particular state to make sure your plumber’s license is current. Also check if there are any complaints against the license.



3- How long have you been in business and do you have references?


You want to make sure that the plumber you choose has a decent amount of experience. In addition, asking for a list of references is a great way to find out how content previous clients have been with his plumbing business. If a plumber acts reluctant to give you this information, it is always best to trust your intuition. A legitimate, qualified plumber will be more than happy to provide a list of references for you.


4-How much will my plumbing repairs cost?


You will need a detailed quote which includes a written estimate. This will include payment terms as well as a materials list. It will also include any additional information you have spoken about together.


5-Do you provide clean-up?


Not every plumber will provide clean-up but some do. If your plumber provides clean up make sure to have this included in your written contract.


6- Is your work guaranteed?


In case the same plumbing issues arise again, it is always best to choose a plumber who guarantees his work.


Requiring plumbing repairs can be a stressful time for you and your loved ones. You can ease this stressful time by making sure you have chosen the best plumber possible. Ask the right questions and receive the correct answers. Your peace of mind will be well worth the time and energy you spent to find a decent, qualified plumber.